Nutrilong 29-4-9 + 0.9% MgO 76%V180


Designed to release nutrients carefully over time, the Nutrilong range uses a very precise polymer coating technology to provide an extended supply of nutrition to the sward. Available as V90 for 3 months and V180 for 5-6 months longevity.

Providing sustained nutrition with nutrient profiles designed to nourish and maintain the turf for optimum health, performance and appearance.

​A long steady release profile reduces the number of applications required and minimises losses through volatilisation and leaching, to provide both cost and environmental benefits.

The sward keeps an even colour, playability and health without peaks of tenderness, excessive growth or nutrient hunger.

Usage period


Additional information

Nitrogen 29%
Phosphate 4%
Potassium 9%
Magnesium 0.9%
Granular size 2-3mm
Coverage 571-666 m2
Application rate 30-35gm2
Pack size 20kg