Command 15-6-15 + 0.4%MgO + 0.5%Fe


Command homogeneous fertilisers

Controlled release Granular fertiliser with full nutrient package for consistent results

Command homogeneous fertilisers are manufactured to deliver nutrients evenly on the most demanding and valuable turf areas.

Each fertiliser granule is designed to contain the full nutrient package for the most even nutrient distribution, ensuring consistency of sward colour, growth and performance.

Command homogeneous fertiliser 15-6-15 is available as a 3 month controlled release providing your turf area with much needed nutrients over a longer period of time.

The Velvit Command range offers a wide selection of granular fertilisers, each designed to suit specific seasons and turf requirements. Whether your focusing on early season establishment, maintaining optimal growth during the peak seasons, or preparing for winter hardiness, our range has the perfect NPK formulation for your needs.

Usage period


Additional information

Nitrogen 15%
Phosphate 6%
Potassium 15%
Magnesium 0.4%
Iron 0.5%
Granular size 1-2mm
Coverage 571-666m2
Application rate 30-40gm2
Pack size 20Kg